Homestays in Australia

Cultural Experience for All

Australian Homestay Network

Our Homestay in Australia experience is a secure, comfortable and enriching experience for both hosts and guests. Our partner Australian Homestay Network (AHN) provides superior service and experiences. Everything is managed online for your coonvenience.

  • Hosts background checks
  • 24×7 professionally staffed emergency support
  • Online payment services
  • Online help
  • Airport transportation services

Why AHN?

Australian Homestay Network (AHN) view their selected hosts as ambassadors for Australia, and their selection process ensures that your hosts possess the commitment, motivation, and capability to extend the support that will ensure each student’s successful integration into Australian culture.AHN’s hosts offer more than rooms for rent; they offer a support system and authentic interest in welcoming a student to Australia.

AHN has accumulated decades of experience in managing homestays for international students, using proven methods, standards, training, and a communications network to ensure that every student, and every host, has a safe, culturally rich experience. AHN is the only standards based nationally focused homestay organisation in Australia. Our sophisticated student/host matching service, 24/7 critical-incident service, banking and payment services, and airport transportation services make the homestay experience convenient, reassuring, and pleasant for our guests.

Superior Homestay Experiences

We believe that choosing a homestay for accommodation when coming to a new country ensures a more successful experience for international students. Our hosts are carefully selected to ensure that our students are placed in environments that are not only safe and comfortable but also warm and welcoming. Our students can expect to enjoy a supportive, friendly home while adjusting to Australian culture and the community they will be living in. Our program includes:

  • Homestay management and support throughout the entire homestay experience
  • Extensive national criminal background checks for hosts
  • Student support services including banking and transportation
  • Comprehensive online training and orientation for hosts and students
  • Professionally staffed 24/7 critical incident contact centre
  • Management of all homestay payments for students and hosts

How Our Homestays Work

Australian Homestay Network (AHN) will match each student with a host family located near the student’s place of education. The host will provide the student with a private bedroom, an agreed upon meal plan, and will assist the student in learning the local customs and transportation systems, as well as generally helping the student become acquainted with the Australian way of life. Students are encouraged to share information about their home cultures and countries, as our hosts also wish to have a unique cultural experience.

AHN is a national, standard-based homestay provider servicing major cities in every state and territory in Australia. In addition to the support of our regional teams, our guests and hosts have access to a 24/7 emergency response network to help ensure all participants has the best experience possible.

Our Hosts

Our hosts are carefully selected to ensure that our students are placed in environments that are not only safe and comfortable but also welcoming. Our hosts are truly interested in enjoying a shared cultural experience with their students. We conduct national criminal background checks, in-home interviews, and complete home inspections. We stay in contact with both the host and the student during the homestay period. We want all visiting students to have the most positive experience possible when beginning their educational journey in Australia.

Inquire now at our contact page or email us at


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