Study Tour to Melbourne in May 2020


Study Tour to Melbourne Open to students (15 yo and above) in Malaysia, this is a 7-days tour for students visiting popular universities in Melbourne Australia to familiarize themselves with the campuses, the city, accommodations, travel options and living standards in Melbourne. Price: MYR 6000 (inclusive of return air fare…

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Why Learning on Holiday is the 2020 Trend

Holidays used to be about switching off the brain, perhaps heading to the beach with a dog-eared copy of Jilly Cooper’s Riders, or at least nothing more taxing than Captain Corelli’s Mandolin. But in these switched-on, climate-aware times, we’re ditching the wide eyes, hashtags and chick-lit in favour of serious…

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Top New Year’s Eve Destinations

Do you want to make your New Year’s Eve unforgettable this year? Well, why not celebrate the arrival of 2020 with a trip abroad? If you’re looking for cities that are perfect for midnight celebrations keep on reading. We’re bringing you the top New Year’s Eve Destinations to count down…

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