松田町にお住いの方へ朗報です!神奈川県足柄上郡松田町にくる外国人ゲストのホストファミリーになりませんか。 お住まいの松田町を世界に発信していくプロジェクトに是非ご参加ください。まずは松田町の観光地を訪れながらイベント […] Article source

(通年募集)南山大学 ホストファミリー募集!

ホームステイインジャパンでは、南山大学(愛知県名古屋市)に通う留学生のホストファミリーを通年で募集しています!海外からの留学生(※) を受け入れてご家庭で国際交流を楽しんでみませんか? お子様のグローバル教育にも最適です […] Article source

The perfect Homestay for my Internship

Tell us about your homestay experience. The difference between a home stay accommodation and other traditional accommodations in my experience is that staying at homestay actually feels like living at home. The hosts are really kind and helpful, it felt like I was living with my extended family. The room…

Settling Into Homestay, A Hosts Advice

This is for the newer hosts, like myself, who are just starting to feel their way around hosting international students, while they are settling into homestay. Just be practical & patient and remember the first four weeks are the hardest, when students are feeling homesick, missing family friends and what…

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